How Can I Make My Nails Grow Faster and Stronger Using Natural Remedies?

It is no news that everyone loves to have long and strong nails. Even most of the perpetual nail biters, lowkey wished they have long nails. And they are always on the lookout for means on how to grow nails faster and stronger.

Are you tired of the acrylic and gel nails which are your go-to manicure lifesaver? And you opt out to leave your nails without those acrylic and gel nails, but because your nails are not strong or long, that option seems not nice enough.

Most of us have friends that have really long and strong nails, and we keep asking them “how can I make my nails grow faster and stronger?“. But they do not give us a favorable reply. Some will just laugh it off, and say they didn’t do anything to their nails. They always give the impression that it just happened to grow long and strong.

This leaves you jealous, and you start wondering why yours are not growing long and strong. You keep waiting and waiting, hoping that day by day, your nails will get longer and stronger. But nothing is happening, instead, it keeps chipping. Then you reach for your razor and trim it off.

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Growing longer and stronger nails not only has to do with the nails themselves, but it also depends on what you eat, and the activities you engage in. So it’s like, from inside to the outside.

What Affects the Growth of Nails?

There are also some things you do that prevents your nails from growing longer and stronger. Some of these activities are biting your nails, using your nails as tools, excessive use of gel and acrylic nails, skipping base coat, chipping of nail polish, frequently exposing nails to liquid.

1. Biting your Nails

This is actually the most common of them all. People who bite their nails will never have longer nails. Though, some do this as a result of an anxiety problem or something, but it is a bad idea if you want your nails to grow.

Aside from the fact that your nails won’t grow when you bite them, you are also getting bacterial into your body system. This is because there are mostly some foreign particles under the nails, and when you bite at them, the particles get into your mouth. To avoid biting your nails, you can paint your nails with nail polish, this will keep you consciously at bay, and you won’t reach for your nails with your teeth.

You should try chewing gums whenever you are bored. Try keeping gums in your purse, so when you are about reaching for your nails, you can quickly change your mind pick up a chewing gum instead.

2. Using your Nails as Tools

Here is another bad habit that deteriorates the health of your nails. When you use your nails as tools, such as picking or scraping tools, they tend to chip at the tip. And chipping weakens them, which will result in your nails being soft and tend to break very often. Some use their nails to unfasten key rings or open jump rings. These are all bad for nail growth. They damage your nails.

You might not notice, but when you start making up your mind to have longer and stronger nails, then keep in mind that your nails are not tools. Get scraping tools whenever there is a need for it, but do not use your nails.

3. Excessive use of Gel and Acrylic Nails

Check yourself, how often do you use gel or acrylic nails? If you happen to use it often, then you need to stop and leave your nails to breathe. Having gel or acrylic nails on all the time won’t give your nails the time to grow longer or stronger. It will only leave your nails dry, and this is bad for the nail health.

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4. Skipping Base Coat

The base coat serves as a protective layer for your nails, so whenever you are applying nail polish, ensure you use a base coat so as to keep your nails protected. So the process is a base coat, nail polish and then a top coat.

5. Chipping Off Nail Polish

When your nail polish starts chipping get a nail polish remover and clean it off. Do not use your nails to chip off the nail polish. Doing this will have you removing the topmost layer of your nail. And that will make your nails weak.

6. Frequently Exposing Nails to Liquid

If you are mostly involved in putting your nails in liquid, you should choose some preventive measures that will help protect your nails. You should always wear gloves whenever you about to undergo prolonged exposure to water or the liquid. Wear gloves when you want to do the dishes.

Do not expose the nails to detergents too often, most detergents are not gentle on your hands and nails. They strip moisture off the nails, leaving them dry and dehydrated.

What to Eat to Grow Nails Faster?

How to grow nails faster and stronger also depends on your nutritional habits. Now let’s talk about some nutrients that enhance nail growth.

When it comes to how to grow nails faster and stronger with nutritional habits, vitamins are your go-to nutrients.

1. Vitamin A

This is one of the common vitamins out there with a lot of health benefits. Vitamin A helps strengthen the bones, teeth and nails. The good thing about vitamin A is, if you are vegan or non-vegan, you will surely find some foods that suit your preference and contains vitamin A.

For vegan, vitamin A can be found in spinach, grapefruit, yam and apples. For non-vegan, vitamin A can be found in egg, milk, liver and meat. There are some off the counter supplements that also contain vitamin A. So you can go for the food or you get the supplement.

2. Biotin (Vitamin B7)

Biotin is one of the vitamins that work perfectly for your skin, hair and nail health. It can also be referred to as vitamin H

You can get biotin directly from some food items, or you buy some supplements that included biotin. It is advised to consume about 30micrograms of biotin per day to enhance nail growth and overall nail health. Biotin can be found in egg yolk, mushroom, sweet potato, cheese, spinach, as well as almond.

3. Folic Acid (Vitamin B9)


Folic acid is another vitamin that helps in nail growth, as well as cell growth. Folic acid can be found in eggs, citrus fruits and leafy greens. And it is also available in a supplement. To promote healthy nails, one must consume about 400micrograms of folic acid daily.

4. Vitamin C

Foods rich in vitamin c are mostly known to help fight bacterial. Vitamin C is also a good antioxidant. The good intake of vitamin C foods/fruits or its supplements is known to also enhance nail health. Vitamin C can be found in citrus fruits such as oranges, limes or lemon. It can also be found in tomatoes, leafy greens and blueberries.

There are also some food items that you do not know about their nutritional contents, but they help promote nail growth. Such foods are beans, oat, sunflower seeds, milk and salmon.

How to Grow Nails Faster and Stronger Using Home Remedies

When people learn that there are home remedies to their problems, that lifts their spirit. Knowing you have something in your house that can be used to make your nails grow faster and stronger will increase your want of stronger nails.

Below are some of the things that can found in the house and can be used to grow your nails.

1. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil qualifies to be called an all-rounder. It soothes, heals, moisturize and does other loving things. I doubt there is a person who has never had the cause to use coconut oil.

Coconut oil contains some nutrients that can help keep the nails moisturized and enhance nail growth. It can also be used to treat fungal infections.

To use coconut oil for nail growth, all you have to do is massage the warm oil on your nails. Do this in a circular motion, it helps prove blood flow. Which will, in turn, lead to stronger and longer nails.

This is to be done every night when you are about going to bed. It can also be done during the day if you do not have any activity to do. You can wear some cotton gloves or wear an old sock to help lock in the moisture.

2. Olive Oil

I call olive oil coconut oil’s twin. They both perform the same function. If you do not have coconut oil, you can always use olive oil.

Olive oil contains vitamin E which enhances nail growth and improves blood flow.

The method of usage is the same as that of coconut oil. Massage the oil on your nails and fingers in a circular motion. Do this at night after shower. Wear a glove after the process and leave on overnight.

You can also soak your nails in warm olive oil for about 10minutes. This works just as fine as massaging the oil does.

3. Orange Juice

Everyone knows orange is a citrus fruit, and it contains vitamin C. Vitamin C is one of the essential vitamins that helps nails grow faster and longer.

To use orange juice for nail growth, get oranges. Squeeze out the juice from the orange and soak your nails in it for about 10minutes. Then wash off after. Finish off the process by moisturizing your nails.

Do this once every day. Do not use orange juice you buy from the store, because they might not be natural.

4. Lemon Juice

Just like orange, lemon is also rich in vitamin C. And vitamin C enhances nail growth. Lemon has the ability to bleach, so it can remove yellow stains from the nails.

Do not use lemon if you have cuts on around your nails.

You need to get olive oil when you are using lemon juice for nail growth. Mix a tablespoon of lemon juice with 3 tablespoons of olive oil. Heat the solution for about 20seconds. It shouldn’t be more than 20seconds. Then soak your nails in it for about 10minutes.

Do this once a day.

How to Grow Nails Faster And Stronger Using Other Methods

It isn’t just home remedies that can be used to grow nails faster and stronger. You can also use some off the shelf products or follow some methods.

1. Using Cuticle Oil and Cream

Cuticle oils are formulated basically for your nail’s overall health. To have healthy nails, you need to pay attention to your cuticles. Your cuticles should stay hydrated and moisturized if you want to have long and strong nails.

Cuticle oils help keep your nail beds hydrated. This will enhance beautiful and healthy nails. Even if you do not want long nails, but you just want them to look their best, you need to use some cuticle oil.

And cuticle oils are meant to be used daily just so you get your desired results. Some cuticle treatments come in the form of oil, while some come in the form of cream.

Below are some cuticle oils and cream with their prices.

1. Sally Hansen Moisturizing Cuticle. (Costs £6. Get it here.)

2. CND Solar Oil (Costs about £6. Get it here)

3. Onsen Japanese Cuticle Cream (This costs about £14. Get it here)


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2. Choose The Right Nail Polish Remover

Try as much as possible to buy acetone-free nail polish removers. This type of nail polish remover is gentle on the nails.

Nail polish removers that contain a high dose of acetone rip the nails of its natural nutrients. It dries out the nails as well. They cause flaking and splitting of the nails.

3. Buy Natural Nail Polishes

When you go nail polish shopping, avoid nail polishes that contain harmful chemicals. These chemicals are prone to drying out your nail bed and weakening your nails. You can check out our blog post on the best natural nail polish to buy.

It is advised to check reviews of the products before you buy them. Also, check their packages for the ingredients it contains. Most manufacturers state it on their packages that their polish is ‘3-free’. This means it does not contain toxic chemicals. The scale runs from 3-free to 13-free.

4. Try Keratin Treatment

These are nail strengtheners or hardeners that are used to strengthen the nails and keep them from splitting. You can ask your nail technicians to recommend good nail strengtheners.

5. Consume Nail-Friendly Foods

If you want beautiful nails, then you need to eat right. Eat what will support your want, which is strong and long nails. Increase your intake of fruits and vitamins. Leave out refined sugar and minimize the consumption of alcohol.

You can increase your intake of yogurt. This will help increase the growth of beneficial bacterial. Keep your nails hydrated and moisturized always, this is the first care to healthy nails.

Growing nails faster and stronger is totally achievable if you stick to a good nail routine, eat right and also leave out the stated things that stops nail growth.

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