Gel Nail Polish vs Regular Nail Polish: Which One Is Better

Gel Vs Regular Nail Polish

As there are various options to select from when it comes to selecting your preferred foundation or powder, likewise there are options to select from when it comes to nail polishes. Most people do not know there are various types of nail polishes, as they just sit back and let their manicurists do their job. And when they feel they are due for a new set of beautiful nails, they simply go back to sit on the chair (to do manicure).

With this article, you will be fed with relevant information about the gel nail polish and the regular nail polish, as they are the common types of nail polishes.

Gel Nail Polish

Gel nail polish are those nail polish that are made hard by having to go under an ultraviolet lamp or light. It can also be placed under a LED light, but this light will take more time than an ultraviolet light.

There are also some gel nail polish that happen to air dry without light or a UV lamp. This type of gel nail polish has ‘no light’ written on the bottle so you know you do not need to have an Ultraviolet lamp or LED light to dry your nails. It air dries, means you can can just sit outside during the day to dry your nails, or sit by a bright window. But, this process takes longer than when you use a gel nail polish that requires light.

Do not make the mistake of using a gel nail polish that requires light to dry, and you leave to air dry instead of using light, this wont give you a good result, your nails will be smudge prone.

This is what a UV lamp looks like. It comes with buttons to control the time. When the time elapse, the light will go off, then you know it’s time to remove your hand from the lamp.

The gel nail polish happen to last longer than regular nail polish. When you apply a gel nail polish, you do not have to worry about your nails chipping, your nails also tend to be more glossy, and it stays on for weeks.

Gel nail polish actually cost more than regular nail polish, and it is more likely to be done at a salon. You can get it done for yourself at home, if you have the right tools to get on with it. The gel nail polish is also not to be rushed, as you have to exercise some patience while applying the nail polish.

From start, you clean your nails, then apply the base coat, put that under the ultraviolet lamp to cure the polish, yeah cure is the word used. After which you apply a new layer of polish, and further place that under the ultraviolet lamp. If you apply another layer, you have to place it under the Ultraviolet lamp, till the last coat. Now you know why the process can’t be rushed. If you are using a no-light gel nail polish, ensure all the coats are with no-light polish, including the top clear coat.

Here is a sample of a no-light gel polish from beauty 360.

There are some Frequently Asked Questions on Gel Nail Polish which we would provide answers to; below.

What is in a Gel Nail Polish? 

A gel nail polish comprises of two ingredients, acrylic monomers and oligomers. Acrylic monomer contains unsaturated bonds, while the oligomer consist of repeating units of monomers. Both compositions bond together when placed under an ultraviolet light or LED light.

Does the Gel Nail Polish Make Nails Stronger?

Most people get worried about if the gel nail polish will make their nails stronger or if it’s actually damaging their nails, due to how long it stays on the nails.

Experts have answered that gel nail polish does the opposite of making your nails stronger. A dermatologist, Dr Adigun, who focuses on nails told Teen Vogue that the process can lead to thinning and dehydration of the nail plate.

This damage is owing to the long period of time the polish stays on your nail, giving no room for hydration for a long time, and therefore resulting in the damage of dehydration. Therefore, the prolonged use of the gel nail polish does more harm than good to the nails.

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How Long Does the Gel Nail Polish take to Dry Completely?

How long the gel nail polish takes to dry completely depends on how many applications or layers of coats you are adding on your nails. It may also depends on if you are using the gel nail polish that requires light or the no-light gel polish.

For a gel polish that requires light, remember after every coat, you have to place your hand under the light and set the lamp to whatever time you wish. The lamps usually have a timing option of at least 30 sec to 90sec. So that means if you are having just 2 layers of polish, and each curing time is assumed to be set at 60sec on average. That means for both layers you have a curing time of totally 2 mins, that excludes the time it took you to apply the polish on your nails. Applying polish on your nails should take more than 5mins.

For a no-light gel polish you have to leave your nails to air dry outside or beside a bright window for at least 10mins. That is enough time to have your polish completely dried for the no-light gel polish.

How Long Does Gel Nail Polish Last?

Gel nail polish are known to last for an average of 2 weeks because of the chemicals in the polish, and also the process of curing the nail polish.

Can You Get Cancer From Gel Nail Polish? 

The gel nail polish are really not a reason to develop some health issue concern. Although the procedure of having it done which involve putting hands under the UV light when using a gel polish that requires light, has raised concerns for cancer. It is advised to always dab on some UV protection creams on your hands whenever you are about putting your hand under the lamp, or you can wear a UV protective glove.

Does Gel Nail Polish Damage the Nails?

From what was said by Dr Adigun who is a dermatologist, focusing on nails, the nails get damaged as a result of lack of hydration in the nail due to the coverage by the nail polish, which restricts means of getting the nails hydrated. And the nail plate also get thinned out. It is advised to not always have nail polish, give your nails some breathing time.

Regular Nail Polish

The regular nail polish which is also called the normal nail polish or nail varnish is the most common type of nail polish. The regular nail polish has been in existence for years, having its origin from China. From the onset, the polish was made from beeswax, vegetable dyes and gum Arabic, but the ingredients has been refined as the society developed.

What is in a Regular Nail Polish?

From its origin, the nail polish was made using gum Arabic, vegetable dyes to make colors and beeswax. With development, another main ingredient is being used to make the nail polish, and that is the nitrocellulose. Nitrocellulose is made of liquid and mixed with cotton fibers.

Does Regular Nail Polish Make Nails Stronger?

Some people believe applying the regular nail polish on their nails makes their nails stronger. And this is quite true, because when the polish is on your nail, it tends to give your nails more strength and stamina. Especially for those who happen to have very thin nails.

How Long Does the Regular Nail Polish Takes to Dry Completely? 

The regular nail polish unlike the gel nail polish takes more time to dry completely. Because you have to let it air-dry. It takes at least 10 mins to air dry a regular nail polish. That is if you are outside or perhaps you are beside a window where there happen to be a ray of sunlight. But if that is not available, it might take longer for the polish to dry completely.

How Long Does Regular Nail Polish Last?

Regular nail polish last at most for a week, some don’t even stay up to that time before they start chipping. The durability of the regular nail polish also relies on the product you used. If the manufacturer make quality products, your polish is likely to last for 8 days or more. However, if the product is sub standard, it won’t stay that long before it starts chipping.

Can You Get Cancer From Regular Nail Polish?

When nail polish is applied, the nails tend to absorb the polish, this means some polish gets into your nail plate. When the polish you used contain some ingredients that have been proven to be likely cancer causing ingredients, you are likely to be at risk.

Such ingredients are formaldehyde, toluene and camphor. Not all brands of regular nail polish include these ingredients in their formula. So it is advisable to go through the ingredients of the nail polish you have at home. And when shopping for more nail polish, ensure to take note of the ingredients too.

Does Regular Nail Polish Damage the Nails?

With the frequent use of nail polish, the nails are likely to get discolored, leaving your nails looking brownish. Prolonged use of nail polish also thins out the nail plate and dehydrates the nails. It is advised to let your nails breathe, by leaving off nail polish for some time.

Is Regular Nail Polish Better Than the Gel Nail Polish? 

Both nail polishes have their own pros and cons, so you choose which is best suitable for you. You might like the gel nail polish while your best friend prefers the regular nail polish.

The regular nail polish can be said to be better than the gel nail polish because it does not stay on for a long period of time. So you get to change nail colors as often as you want to, unlike the gel nail polish which stays on for weeks.

The regular nail polish is cheap compared to the gel nail polish. And you really do not need to have some expensive tools like the UV light to get the regular nail polish on.

With regular nail polish you are protected from UV radiation from the UV light, because you do not need to out your hands under the light to dry out.

Removing the regular nail polish is also easy, you simply need a nail polish remover to clean off the polish, but you have to visit a salon to get your gel nail polish removed.

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