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DIY Guide: How to Make Nail Polish Remover at Home

Ajoke Onifaari
Commercial nail polish removers have dominated our space we don’t know there are other alternatives to them. Apart from being expensive, they are harsh on the body. There are different alternatives to conventional nail polish removers and in this post, we will discuss how to make nail polish removers at......
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2020 Best Nail Polish Remover for Gel Nail Polishes (Under $20)

Ajoke Onifaari
Do you always think about the best way to remove your gel nail polish without spending too much? Nail polish removers are made to make the process of removing your old nail polish easier for you. They enable you to easily remove your gel nail polish quickly without damaging your......
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15 Cheap Long Lasting Nail Polish for Natural Nails in 2020

Ajoke Onifaari
Long Lasting Nail Polish for Natural Nails: Everyone wants to have beautiful and trendy nails and it can only be possible with cheap, quality and long lasting nail polish products. Nail polish helps to beautify our nails and improve their health. It also makes you feel chic and trendy. However,......
Nail Polish Reviews

Which Nail Polish Last Longer Without Chipping?

Which Nail Polish Last Longer Without Chipping?: Nail polishes are every lady’s best friend. Every lady love to have their nails painted in cool colors, so they can flaunt them. And flaunting nails that have gone through careful manicure pampering, boosts the level of confidence. But when the nails are......