How Can I Organize My Nail Polish At Home?

It isn’t very pleasant when you have a lot of nail polishes, and it takes you forever to find the right colour because you always have to get everything out first to see the bottle you just picked. This, and many more pressing issues is what anyone can face when you have collections of nail … Read more

How Do I Keep My Nail Polish From Smudging?

Nail polish beautifies the nails. It may be quick and easy to apply, but it can also be a nightmare to remove without rubbing off your nail’s natural shine. What’s worse than a smudged nail polish on a date or an important meeting? When you have been looking forward to painting your nails, only to … Read more

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Best Fake Nails For Swimmers in 2022

Swimming happens to be one of the most exciting exercises. It facilitates the flow of blood to every part of the body. However, if you love fixing your nails, you may wonder how safe it is to swim with your nails, or you may even be afraid to dive into the water with it. But … Read more

Do Nails Change Colour During Pregnancy?

Your body goes through a whole lot of adjustments and changes when you’re expectant. Ranging from changes in your weight, complexion, mood, likes and dislikes. Some changes are equally noticed in the state of your hair, nails and skin too. These changes are just for the period of being double bodied, after which everything gradually … Read more

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Can I Cut Nails at Night?

Perhaps your mother had always warned you several times when you were a child not to cut nails at night. You probably had felt unsatisfied and thought the idea was not too bad. However, she knew from experience that cutting your nails at night is bad and should be avoided. Yes, it would help if … Read more

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Does Biting Nails Break Nail Fast?

While biting of nails seems a fun activity to some people, it is a very bad habit to others. The fact is that biting nails may only be accepted as a luxury and fun activity when such an individual is idle. While others may see biting nails as a normal thing to do, others, on … Read more

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Can I do Nails At Home Without License? (Full Guide)

When it comes to a business that blooms in season and out of season, working as a nail technician is without doubt one of them. People are always ready to give it all it takes to have clean, well-polished, and groomed nails from just simple manicure and nail polishing to the most complex pedicure. Well, … Read more

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How Long Should You Wait Between Gel Manicures?

Gel manicures are one of the most popular ways of beautifying nails these days. Women are addicted to things which make them stand out, gel manicure makes your nails standout. There have been misconceptions about gel manicures, how safe they are, how long they last, which leads us to the query “How long should you … Read more

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Can You Play Guitar with Gel Nails?

No doubt, Guitar is one of the musical instruments with lots of fans and lovers. However, for some guitar enthusiasts and players, the question “can you play guitar with gel nails?” seems to be one of the frequent questions usually asked. The simple answer to this question is yes, you can play Guitar with gel … Read more

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